Send us your photos and you could win a €50 voucher for dinner at the local tavernas*

If you've taken any great pictures of Old Perithia (past, present or future) then please send them to us and we will post them on our website. If you would like to post your photos on the site then please email them to (high resolution if possible).

Every year, a selection of the best photos will be chosen to appear in the next edition of the guide, with a credit to the photographer. Anyone whose photo(s) will be featured in the next edition will receive a complimentary edition of the guide, along with a voucher (to the value of €50) to be redeemed at any of the following tavernas in Old Perithia, *The Old Perithia, Gabriel's Steps or Capricorn Taverna.

Iakovos, Persis Pink Church  OPtotheSea.jpg

Orchid in Spring  School Visit to Old P

Horse Endurance Training, Old Perithia  The Merchant's House B&B 

By sending us your photo(s) you permit us to show them on the website ( and, if chosen, to be used in the next edition(s) of the Guide to Old Perithia. You also confirm that the photo(s) have been taken by you personally and are free of any copyright, other than the copyright that will be applied by Merchant's House Publishing if or when reproducing the images either electronically or in print and without limitations. Old Perithia, or Ano Perithia (Old or Upper Perithia) is located in the north east of Corfu and accessible from the coastal road by car.